We provide an extensive range of services. In the initial stages of contact, we use examples of a client’s work to gain knowledge of their organisation and take this, in conjunction with their instructions, to produce the results that best fit their needs at the time.

Online Editing

Our experienced team of reviewers is always on hand to help. Every day we review and edit dozens of documents for clients all over the world. If your organisation produces English-language deliverables, of any type, we can help improve their quality and clarity – all within a tight timeframe!

  • We edit live work so that it conforms to the demands for accuracy in written English: logical sense, ease of reading, professional appearance and usefulness. We can make documents ready for release, and offer constructive advice during the process of preparing them.
  • We make sure that wording is precise and the style of writing appropriate to the type of document, correcting the most fundamental aspects of writing – spelling and grammar.
  • We bring inconsistencies, vague explanations, errors in numbering and examples of poor layout to clients’ attention.
  • We ensure cohesion of style when long documents have multiple authors.
  • We offer teaching comments that clients can learn from, covering the mechanics of the English language as well as ways in which each piece of writing can be made to communicate better with its readers.
  • We draw on our knowledge of industry, government, corporate, charity and personal communications to offer pointers on what the readership of your documents will expect.


We help create important documents from clients’ notes, drafts and briefs.

  • Designing proposals and tenders
    The tenders that we produce are succinct and focused on the material in which the prospective client is interested. We present your organisation in its best light by eliminating ambiguity and imprecision. We have a proven track record in helping our clients develop winning proposals.
  • Creating written publications
    We write guidelines, newsletters, brochures and material for websites. We bring the perspective of the reader as well of that of the client, so we are able to offer impartial comments on how effective written publications are.
  • Writing up minutes and in-house documents
    Memos, minutes, policy documents and letters can all be written in your own house style, so that consistency and courtesy are preserved.
  • Manuals and guidebooks
    Our involvement ensures clarity and internal consistency in these documents. We focus on accuracy of cross-referencing and uniformity of style, especially when different sections have been drafted by different authors.


Many of our long-term clients regard our service as an essential step when preparing their written work. This is often because they are writing in a second language or simply because they wish to be confident that their documents do not contain errors.

  • Teaching notes
    When we receive documents for review, rationale is provided for all but the most obvious changes – this enables our reviewees to learn from our input. Our suggestions and amendments aim to raise the level of any reviewed text to the very highest standards of international business English. Our clients can, and do, improve their written English as a result of this feedback.
  • Your questions answered
    As experts in written English, we are delighted to answer questions about how to compose fluid English prose. We are a valuable knowledge resource as well as an efficient editing facility.
  • Personalised training material and presentations
    We can prepare tailored training material to fit our clients’ needs. We also frequently provide summaries of feedback, encompassing the key learning from documents we have reviewed over a period of time. So our clients’ can see, for example, what the common strengths and weaknesses of their reports have been throughout the past year. We can then prepare training documents or give presentations based on these highly-personalised, ultra-relevant insights.