Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

We pride ourselves that we can meet any reasonable timeframe that is required. This can be hours, days or a week or so. We just require that an appropriate turnaround time is specified in the covering e-mail.

What about overnight or weekend work?

We can do work overnight and at the weekend. However we need notice that this is coming, with an estimated time of arrival and an approximate length.

We have already have an in-house editor – so what do you add?

Of course many companies have in-house editors who are familiar with their style and requirements. However we can add (a)  30 years of experience through over 100 countries (b) a speed of working that is particularly valuable for major documents with a  high cost of failure and with a tight timeframe (c) a round the clock availability that enables us to meet deadlines when permanent staff are unavailable through holidays or sickness.

What kind of documents can you review?

Anything. Formal reports; proposals; minutes of meetings; letters; emails; brochures; presentation scripts; sequences of visual aids; website text; instructions; CVs. Whatever you want.

Do you review using Track Changes?

We are happy to use Track Changes if the client requires it, but routinely we do not. This is because we incorporate a substantial amount of commentary into the document, intended to help the author improve their own written output using our expertise.

Do you just correct the English?

Certainly not. Of course the English is rigorously reviewed. However we also look at aspects such as consistency, structure, logic, impact, balance, illustrations, selling value.

Do you employ English-language teachers?

Not deliberately. It happens that one or two of our staff have that background. Our ideal recruit has a First Class Oxbridge degree in Classics. Of course many have graduated in other subjects. All our staff have the mental agility to jump from one topic to another and to absorb reviewing requirements quickly.

How can you manage to review technical documents?

Our staff have the range of experience to cope with many specialised subjects. Additionally they have the intellectual aptitude to address new topics and areas of expertise extremely rapidly. We hold regular training days for our reviewers to ensure that they are familiar with our clients’ various requirements and the demands of national commercial and social cultures.

Do you look at diagrams?

Certainly we do. They are an integral part of the whole document. We look at choice of diagram-type, relevance, scale, colour-scheme, labelling. In addition, the use of keys is scrutinised, and photographs and illustrations are also examined critically for suitability.

How much does it cost?

Every contract is carefully priced. There are typically two models;  (a) substantial documents which are priced individually (b) period contracts for an estimated but unlimited amount of throughput over an agreed period usually between three and twelve months.

We offer a range of services for both businesses and individual companies