Online editing, individual training, consultancy

We provide an extensive range of services. In the initial stages of contact, we use examples of a client’s work to gain knowledge of their organisation and take this, in conjunction with what the client tells us, to produce the results that best fit their needs at the time.


We are a dynamic company that is able to predict and accommodate the ways in which these requirements will change, so we are adaptable to movements in your sector and we deliver whatever is necessary to improve each document individually. Research is also done in the country and business concerned.

Our service is more than just simple editing. Our staff have wide-ranging experience and a high-level of skill in the craft of writing.   This means that we are able to add enormous value to documents, often suggesting much more dynamic, imaginative and hard-hitting ways to structure and present the information.    Any fresh eye may be able to suggest some improvements but our expertise enables us to transform written material.

Online editing
We edit documents sent to us by email and return them to the client within the day if necessary.
Let us help you right from the beginning and at every stage of preparing large or important manuals, brochures, proposals etc.
Individual training
Individual face-to-face sessions are particularly beneficial at the beginning of a contract.