Online editing


We edit live work so that it conforms to the demands for accuracy in written English, logical sense, ease of reading, professional appearance and usefulness. We can make documents ready for release, and offer constructive advice during the process of preparing them.



        • We make sure that wording is precise and the style of writing appropriate to the type of document, correcting the most fundamental aspects of writing – spelling and grammar.
        • We bring inconsistencies, vague explanations, errors in numbering and examples of poor layout to clients’ attention.
        • We ensure cohesion of style when long documents have multiple authors.
        • We offer teaching comments that clients can learn from, covering the mechanics of the English language as well as ways in which each piece of writing can be made to communicate better with its readers.
        • We draw on our knowledge of industry, government, corporate, charity and personal communications to offer pointers on what the readership of your documents will expect.


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