Individual training


Many people in our clients’ offices regard our service as an essential step when preparing their written work. This is often because they are writing in a second language or simply because they wish to have confidence that their documents do not contain errors. We have individual clients for whom we provide a necessary impartial view on their written output.


Personalised face-to-face advice

Simon Mort visits clients in the initial stages of a contract and can offer instruction to individuals on writing technique. This encourages a culture of accuracy and means that clients are in a better position to make best use of our subsequent teaching comments.


  • Teaching notes

When we receive documents for review, we edit them with a view to identifying common mistakes in spelling or grammar, areas in overall appearance that could be improved, the appropriateness of the register, the usefulness and relevance of pictures and diagrams, and any other points to consider that would be useful for the client’s future writing. We explain these concisely and clearly in the notes that we send back alongside each document.


  • Your questions answered

As experts in written English, we are delighted to answer questions about how to compose fluid English prose. We are a valuable knowledge resource as well as an efficient editing facility.




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