Our consultancy work can transform the written output of your business. Our editing service improves reports, memos, websites, letters and proposals. In addition our team provides experienced advice on how organisations ranging from multinational firms to government departments are writing today.

We provide comprehensive editing of your documents to meet your deadlines. We also offer teaching commentaries on the written work that we review, allowing your people to benefit from individual training based on their own requirements. 

We have long-standing relationships with our clients. Many companies offer a document editing service charged on a one-by-one basis. We provide the additional value of editing service contracts whereby the entire written output of the client for a year is subject to our professional review. This means that we gain a close understanding of our clients’ house style and can tailor our advice to the needs of the organisation. 

We can enhance the skills of your staff as well as your important documents. Our team is made up of experts in written English who have a thorough understanding of the various styles and registers that different business situations demand. You can also benefit from our extensive knowledge of how to construct effective tenders, proposals and reports, and we will instruct you in how to optimise the success of your organisation’s literature.


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“I have no hesitation in recommending Simon Mort Reports. They are probably the best in the world [in their field] ... an outstanding consultancy.”
Training Director, Big Four Auditor, Singapore
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