We create documents from clients’ notes, drafts and briefs, working to a deadline or in a more intense way over several drafts of a document, providing intensive input to important documents.


  • Designing bids and tenders
    The tenders that we produce are succinct and focused on the material that the prospective client wants to know.   We present your organisation in its best light by eliminating ambiguity and imprecision from your proposal documents. We are aware of the common mistakes afflicting these documents and make sure that your bid presents your attributes as particularly relevant to the job in hand.


  • Creating written publications
    We write guidelines, newsletters, brochures and material for websites. We bring the perspective of the reader as well of that of our client, so we are able to offer impartial comments on how effective written publications are.

  • Writing up minutes and in-house documents

Memos, minutes, policy documents and letters can all be written in your own house style, so that consistency and courtesy are preserved.


  • Manuals and guidebooks

Our involvement ensures clarity and internal consistency in these documents. We focus on accuracy of cross-referencing and uniformity of style where different sections have been drafted by different authors.


Assembling instructions
We can transform your relationship with customers and enhance your reputation by making sure instructions are intelligible, logical, comprehensive and well written.



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