Simon Mort Reports Limited brings more than 30 years’ experience in written communications services to organisations on three continents
Our reviewers combine expertise in the rules of English with the knowledge that written material must be suitable for its intended audience and purpose. We ensure that documents we review are accurate, concise and clear, and that they meet the demands of the situation. All of our services are tailored to clients’ specific requirements. We are able to work within the time restrictions that affect many organisations. We liaise with clients to provide 24-hour editing services, adding value to all documents without delaying their release.

We provide services that are entirely confidential.   This claim is borne out by the long-term trust that we have established with our clients, both the organisations and the individuals we deal with.


The diversity of our client base means that we have specialist knowledge of a huge range of documents. We have worked on:
  • Tenders for a Big Four financial services firm for business in South-East Asia, Africa and Europe
  • Minutes for local government in the UK
  • The brochure of a Vietnamese securities firm
  • East European tax manuals for an auditing firm
  • Guides to legislation in Serbia
  • Reports for government agencies
  • Business guides for a variety of countries worldwide
We deal with due diligence reports, financial statements, memos, letters, CVs and all kinds of reports every day, and our advice to clients is founded on an understanding of their particular organisation in a global context.

Our team of reviewers is available 24/7.

Our reviewing team consists of people with first or upper second class degrees in classics, modern languages, English and other disciplines.  This means they are highly capable of both correcting written work according to the accepted standards of English style and grammar, and of composing clear guidelines for clients in response to each document that they review.
Interested in joining our team?